Thursday, May 21, 2015

Britain resigns as a world power - Europe has become a US protectorate

On Monday, the Right Honorable David Cameron, prime minister of Great Britain, gave his first major speech after being reelected to his high office — once held by Pitt, Gladstone, Disraeli, Lloyd George, Churchill and Thatcher. Confronting a world of challenges — including Greece’s possible exit from the euro, a massive migration crisis on Europe’s shores, Ukraine’s perilous state, Russia’s continued intransigence, the advance of the Islamic State and the continuing chaos in the Middle East — Cameron chose to talk about . . . a plan to ensure that hospitals in the United Kingdom will be better staffed on weekends.

Okay, that’s a bit unfair. Leaders everywhere, including in the United States, understand that “all politics is local.” But spending a few days recently in Britain, I was struck by just how parochial it has become. After an extraordinary 300-year run, Britain has essentially resigned as a global power.

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Patrick Sheridan said...

Didn't Churchill say something like "passing the torch" after the Second World War?

Chris Jones said...

The country is suspicious of a robust foreign policy of any kind

I suspect that what the author means by a "robust" foreign policy is an interventionist one, in which the Western powers (like Britain, but especially the United States) aggressively re-make the world in their own image. I think this is a bad idea and if Britain is abandoning it, then good for them.