Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ireland Goes Protestant

After enduring centuries of Protestant persecution, Ireland effectively just voted to become Anglican. And they did it with a tacit nod from the Roman Catholic hierarchy who did next to nothing to oppose this with many clergy openly supporting gay marriage.


Patrick Sheridan said...

If Ireland had gone Protestant that might have been an improvement. Instead, she has gone secular and the Roman church is solely to blame.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Christianity is losing the culture wars globally, even in the Church's traditional redoubts. Secular democratic governments have enormous prestige and power, and they are using it to discredit ancient Christian theology. The clergy and hierarchs are perplexed and unable to craft a response. In the end, many will simply give up, as the COE and Episcopalians have done.

V. said...

Not having paid much attention to the debate in Ireland, I won't say much about the Roman hierarchy and its response during the run up to the vote. Or I at least I won't say anything too incrimatory. The Western Church as a whole is in a period of profound disorientation - at least in the traditional geographic boundaries of Western Christianity. When the greater portion of a religious body, including its hierarchy, accepts cultural trends (not as a mater of deliberate dissent, but rather as a "taken-for-granted" position, it is unlikely that there will be much push-back.