Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Twenty Dollar Bill

I see that some people are getting a little bent about what they perceive as politically correct tampering with our currency. I however, view things somewhat differently. A homicidal and racist sociopath, who was also coincidentally the founder of the modern Democratic Party has been bumped from the $20 bill in favor of a black female gun toting Republican.



lannes said...

Awfully harsh judgment against the man who won the Battle of New Orleans! Because Andy Jackson is the only President from Dixie on our currency, anti-white Liberals (talk about racists!) won't forgive him. How Christian is that?

lannes said...

Of course there's Washington, too, and don't think they won't go after him one day.

Prior Martin said...

My ancestors owned slaves and I offer NO apology for it! God Save the South!

The Anti-Gnostic said...

If Harriet Tubman were alive today, she'd have voted for Romney-Ryan! #TrueConservatives

maximus said...

Prior Martin,

May God save you, the enslaved and the masters, the South and the entire world! In lieu of all the people being enslaved today, and all who have endured the cruelty of slavery, it's hard to believe that someone can be so brazen about man's inhumanity to one another. Lord have mercy!

I sincerely hope that your descendants don't become property to pitiless masters who are proud to own them.

St. Gregory of Nyssa:

You have forgotten the limits of your authority, and that your rule is confined to control over things without reason. For it says, "Let them rule over" winged creatures and fishes and four-footed things and creeping things. Why do you go beyond what is subject to you and raise yourself up against the very species which is free, counting your own kind on a level with four-footed things and even footless things? "You have subjected all things" to man, declares the word through the prophecy, and in the text it lists the things subject, "cattle" and "oxen" and "sheep." Surely human beings have not been produced from your cattle? Surely cows have not conceived human stock? Irrational beasts are the only slaves of mankind. But to you these things are of small account... by dividing the human species in two with 'slavery' and 'ownership' you have caused it to be enslaved to itself, and to be the owner of itself!

Prior Martin said...


As my title would indicate, I have no descendants. So you don't need to worry your pretty LITTLE head.

maximus said...

Thank goodness!