Monday, December 04, 2017

What's holding the Democrats back?

In the forthcoming special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions in Alabama it's likely (though not certain) that Roy Moore will win. How is this possible given the very credible allegations that he is a sexual predator? How could the Democrats not win an election against such a morally compromised man? The answer is that they have ceased to be a political party that even attempts to win elections in culturally conservative states like Alabama. For better or worse the party that once stood for the working man, the idea that he should be able to get an honest wage for an honest day's work, that he should be able to work in a safe place, that his kids should have a chance to go to a decent school and maybe even college, and that those who through no fault of their own found themselves in a jam should not be put out on the street or left to depend on charity but rather should be provided for... in short the party of FDR and Harry Truman, is dead.

It has been supplanted by a party dedicated to three main issues... support for unrestricted immigration including defense of illegal aliens. Support for the current wave of identity politics which seeks to balkanize the country along racial, ethnic and sexual lines.  All the while encouraging a belief in victimization among those favored groups and stoking racist hostility towards the hitherto majority group and its culture. And lastly it's unquestioning, almost religious support for abortion on demand with no questions or caveats being tolerated.

When you nominate someone who supports abortion on demand in a state like Alabama you are announcing loudly and clearly that you have no interest in winning a statewide election there and that the people of that state simply don't matter. Then again that has long been true for most of the benighted people who have the misfortune of inhabiting the vast swath of real estate between Manhattan and LA.

But given how far the GOP has gone off the rails, if the Democrats ever abandoned their demand for fealty to the three sacraments of the church of the left, and returned to being a party for the working and middle class while leaving abortion to the conscience of its candidates, they could again become a national party and pose a mortal threat to the party of Steve Bannon, Richard Spencer, Donald Trump and yes, Roy Moore.

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August said...

Don't forget to mention the wars. The term alt-right, especially as it is used among the left, to paint even Taylor Swift as evil nazi- well, it actually tracks better with anti-war. But the whole lot- after Trump dropped missiles on Syria, Spencer and company were among the few in D.C. protesting against it. With Antifa out there confusing the hell out of themselves- since they were effectively the Pro-Trump, pro-war protestors that day.

They should be putting Tulsi Gabbard at the forefront, since she's antiwar.

Oh, and I don't know what you are reading, but those accusations are just not credible at all. Especially in light of actual creeps being brought to light nearly every day now. Trying to make things up about a guy's dating life from 40 years ago... And we have evidence of what he was doing, because he eventually got married, so we know he was dating with a view toward marriage. So, he does what God and biology say to do, and these accusers try to make up stuff and push the ages lower to insinuate things- its just ridiculous.