Saturday, September 27, 2014

Worst Op-Ed of the Month

OK, there are still a few days left in September. But I am calling it game over and handing this month's prize to Dan Emmett for this piece promoting a further militarization of our society and law enforcement. I won't even touch who he wants to put in charge of protecting the President of the United States.


The Anti-Gnostic said...

Right. The executive branch should be able to bomb whoever it wants whenever it wants, secure in the knowledge that it will never face the blowback to which the rest of us will be subject.

The State has gone mad, and is well past the point of reform.

CJ said...

You can tell how well thought out it was by the fact that the words posse comitatus don't even appear once.

William G. said...

The President, as commander and chief of the military,can surely be guarded by military forces without violating the Posse Comitatus act. What is more, the act itself does not directly apply to the Navy or Marine Corps, which are made subject to it by virtue of an internal regulation, reinforced by a vague provision in USC Title 10. What is more, the Act in question is mere legislation; though some seem to venerate it as if it were a part of the Bill of Rights, the fact is, it could easily be repealed, and the raison d'être for it, that being Southern acquiescence to the election of Rutherford Hayes, has long since faded into history. For my part, I would propose that the use of highly trained military police would be preferable to the amateurish and politically minded local police and sheriffs departments that prevail in many parts of the US, which excel in issuing traffic citations, but allow the widespread proliferation of criminal gangs, and are entirely inadequate to protect the populace from the possible danger of a violent insurrection among the Muslims,

On that point, I was disturbed to note the local Islamic mosque is pulling out of this years interfaith event on Thanksgiving, organized by the local Episcopal church (as you would expect). This year the actual event is taking place in a synagogue, which makes the withdrawal of the Islamic contingent troubling; morality dictates they, if anyone, should be there, to distance themselves from ISIL.