Monday, June 08, 2015

Goodbye to the First Amendment

(in)Famous British libertarian and atheist Pat Condell telling it like it is.


lannes said...

If he is an atheist, why is he invoking God's blessing on America?

Patrick Kelly said...

Maybe he's not an obnoxious, militant, "new" athiest....I've seen a couple of his political videos, don't know much about him otherwise..

DNY said...

lannes: Some atheists simply cannot believe in God, but are not anti-theists like all of the currently famous apologists for atheism. Some even lament their inability to believe. Such atheists are usually comfortable with the "ceremonial deism" of "God bless America", "In God we trust," and the like. I'm not sure about Condell. His political views, usually expressed combatively with a good deal of sarcasm, certainly seem to appreciate and defend the patrimony of Christian civilization in the civil sphere.