Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Russian Lawmaker Calls for the Return of the Romanovs

A lawmaker in the Leningrad region outside the city of St. Petersburg has appealed to the descendants of the Romanov royal family to return to Russia, saying their presence would help unify the country and restore its might, media reports said.

In letters to Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Romanova in Spain and Prince Dmitry Romanovich Romanov in Denmark, both of whom claim to be the head of the house of Romanov, regional lawmaker Vladimir Petrov argued that the “return of the descendants of the last Russian autocrat to their historical homeland would help smooth out the political contradictions inside the country, which have been left over from the moment of the [Bolshevik] October revolution, and would become a symbol of restoring the spiritual might of Russia's people,” Izvestia reported Tuesday.

“At the present time, a difficult process is under way in restoring Russia's might and of returning its international influence,” Petrov said in the letter, Izvestia reported. “I am certain that during such an important historical moment, members of the Romanov imperial house cannot remain aside from the processes that are going on in Russia.”

The lawmaker also proposed designating a tsarist-era palace outside St. Petersburg or in Crimea as the Romanovs' official residence, adding that his local legislature plans to draft a bill granting a “special status” to the royal family's descendants, the report said.

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rabidgandhi said...

According to the Romanovs, monarchists need not apply:

A spokesman for the Romanov family, Alexander Zakatov, said Romanova is willing to move to Russia and has no claims on any property or political power, but wants the status of the imperial house as part of Russia's “historical heritage” recognized by law, Izvestia reported.

He also said the “imperial house does not engage in any political struggle” and would not want their return to the country to be used for the political purposes of “for instance, monarchists or opposition activists,” Izvestia reported.

Mark Citadel said...

The response of the Romanov's is most unfortunate. Perhaps one of the family will realize that they are the spiritual and political heirs to Russian authority. It is time to undo the Communist Revolution entirely, and this means a return to those undying principles 'Autocracy & Orthodoxy'. Before the century is done, a Czar should be crowned by the Holy Church to lead Russian in these perilous times against her enemies that seek only the destruction of Russian culture and the Christian religion.

August said...

If this happened, I would take it as a good sign.

rabidgandhi said...


I don't see much difference between the current lot and the Romanovs who spent half their time making a mockery of the Church (eg Peter the Great's fake liturgical processions), the other half murdering peasants and priests, and then a third half introducing Latin theology to the narod.

Romanovs, Putin, Paleologoi, Obama... the Church will remain the same no matter who dresses in caftans and plays tsar.

Mark Citadel said...

rabidgandhi, indeed it is to be said that the Czars preceding the Romanovs were better.If only we had such worthy candidates for the crown today. Perhaps they are under the radar

rabidgandhi said...

Yes brilliant idea. Perhaps we could scour the steppes for descendants of Ivan IV looking for such worthy candidates, to see if they can imitate their infamous ancestor in marrying seven times, murdering the Metropolitan of Moscow (a canonised saint), and bludgeoning their own son to death.

Mark Citadel said...

You seem to have forgotten all the other Czars. I'm not a Russian historian, but I don't think the Royal title passed from Ivan... directly to the Romanovs.

rabidgandhi said...

In between Ivan IV and Mikhail Romanov was the Time of Troubles.

So when you said "the Czars preceding the Romanovs were better" to whom were you referring and what was the basis for your judgment about them?

Mark Citadel said...

I really like Feodor II the more I read about him. Its unfortunate he was murdered by pretenders.