Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Orthodoxy in Ukraine: It's getting messier

The two main schismatic churches seem likely to unite in September. Meanwhile the canonical church under Moscow's omophorion is hemorrhaging both lay membership and clergy who are defecting to the schismatic churches due to the civil war and extreme anti-Russian sentiment.

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Mark Citadel said...

It is a pity this is occurring. The Church must always follow good conscience concerning its doctrine and the interests of preservation. The light in this regard is certainly not a closer relation with the atheist EU.

In other news, I am filled with joy to see that the Black Hundreds organization has been revived in Novorossia!

Anonymous said...

This is a little cheap, don't you think? The defections are occurring because the MP has squandered its moral capital for years; looking like the vassal church of the Russian Federation is only making it worse. If anything, this is an object lesson in why the MP needs spiritual reform at the top.