Thursday, July 27, 2017

Anthony Scaramucci’s vulgar New Yorker interview is beyond words (PG-13)

I'm not going to excerpt this but I will confirm that it is completely over the top. This isn't a presidential administration. It's a political coup d'état executed by escapees from a lunatic asylum.


August said...

I happen to remember an old Reason piece about how hard it is to actually run for office in America- legally. That is, a normal guy doing the grassroots thing is effectively barred, because he is unlikely to have enough lawyers to keep himself out of legal trouble.

It actually takes a billionaire to run a budget campaign.

This and a myriad of other little facts running around in my brain convince me this really was on of those unlikely events that the criminals who run this country just couldn't see coming. Consider Mit Romney- he locked down the party against Ron Paul and the people who signed up, read the rules, and tried to get Paul nominated based on what the rules said.

So, I read this thing, and I think. Ok. This is what they deserve. They haven't let Trump actually be president. Both parties are treating him like the Minnesotan politicians treated Jesse Ventura. This Russia thing is a joke, and the people who yell the loudest about it are likely to be criminals themselves. I just heard yesterday the Kagans are a part of a new think tank that holds this Russia thing as part of their core message. The Kagans, if you remember, tend to foment war wherever they go.

I have been of the opinion, for a long time, that you'd probably need military to invade D.C., and to detain these people, if you wanted to reform. Probably not all of them are criminals, but there are enough there in both parties, that you have to get them away from the levers of power in order to change anything.

Scaramucci is not ideal, but he is a tool. Trump brought him in for a reason. And I think most of these people in D.C. deserve being roughed up. Even Sessions- fighting the damn drug war and allowing cops to steal people's assets- like it 1985, rather than cracking down on D.C. I wonder if he even realizes how many pharmaceuticals have been handed out by medical 'professionals' in the intervening decades. The millenials practically need pot to cope with the side effects of all the prescribed garbage.

Recently Kid Rock joked about running for Senate. On paper, Michigan would just get another pro-choice democrat. But according to some poll, he could win. And reason why is that he'd be a big red white and blue middle finger to Congress.

Scaramucci may function as a warning- the D.C. insiders need to police their caste. That is, kick out the bad guys and clean up their act before people outside the caste have to come in and break things up. Scaramucci is evidence we are willing to do it, but he is also evidence that if it is done by outiders, it is going to be much more devastating and indiscriminate than if it is done by insiders.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Following up on August's comment, in more exaggerated terms, don't want a Reich, don't tolerate a Weimar. D.C.'s message is clear: voting will not be permitted to change the government. We sent Trump, who's brought in similarly arrogant people who punch back. If they can't make a dent, what then? Will all the frustrated, angry people who overrode the entire government, party, and media establishment turn out in the same way for, I don't know, Ben Sasse? I doubt it.

This group of foul-mouthed radicals is reversing Central American immigration, tore up the awful TPP, appointed Gorsuch, and ended the normalization of gender dysphoria. They've successfully moved the Overton frame Rightward while National Review wrings its hands.

unreconstructed rebel said...

And Brooks, Shields, Gerson et al haven't a clue.