Monday, July 17, 2017

RIP Martin Landau

Probably best remembered for his Oscar winning performance in Edward Wood where he brilliantly played the aging Bela Lugosi and also for his role in the 1960's TV series Mission Impossible. However, I  remember him for his role in the campy 1970's sci-fi series Space 1999. At the time I was a kid  and loved the show. Ok ok. So they were a little off in predicting that people in 1999 would all be wearing two tone uni-suits and platform shoes. I've no idea what became of it, but I remember getting a giant sized play model of one the show's space eagles for Christmas one year. I bet that thing would be worth a mint today. Anyways, thanks for the memories Mr. Landau. Memory eternal.


CJ said...

He was in the running to play Spock in Star Trek. Even though Nimoy owned that role, I think Landau could've pulled it off.

Matthew M said...

You thought "SPACE 1999" was campy? 1960's "Batman" was camp, Space 1999 wasn't. I liked him and his then wife Barbara Bain in MI as well.