Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Whistling past the graveyard

Anglican church set to offer special services for transgender people

Clergy can dress down after church votes to let them ditch vestments

Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse?

Why are we still talking to the Anglicans?

And I will add my own question, posted at least a half dozen times before on this blog... Why are most Orthodox jurisdictions still accepting Anglican/Episcopalian baptisms?


Unknown said...

I dont know what it will take fir the Orthodox jurisdictions, especially the EP, to quit talking with these apostates and demand baptism of anyone who was previously "baptized" in an ECUSA or Anglican Church (except for those in Africa, S. America, and Asia) should they desire to hoin themselves to the una sancta.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Eventually I expect our synods will pick a year, probably around 2000 - 2005, after which Anglican baptisms will no longer be accepted.

Gregory Manning said...

Phasing out vestments would be one way to clear out homosexual clergy.

James the Thickheaded said...

The linked articles and sources seem a bit hyped IMHO as though either written in anger by former partisans, or by horrified outsiders. Yes, there is and always has been a lot of craziness... Did you really think survival in Iona would leave you completely sane? Holy fools are holy but fools all the same and thankful on that account no doubt. Surely you've seen Monty Python and wondered about the sense of humor? Look again at Arthurian lit... and look closely. Methinks that here we see nothing more and nothing less than a sense of English whimsy gone to seed without it's parallel strain of the Sargent Major or English Governess... and yet sadly, the surviving American version managed to retain in its liberal "orthodoxy" a sense of the English bloodymindedness in purging those who don't think like them. What a sad mess!

Yes, I left more than 10 years ago. But no, I think it is not "them" but "us" who turn into pillars if we look back - especially in more than charity and hopeful hospitality. By convention and the teaching of our bishops, Anglican/Episcopal baptisms are accepted if they were done properly in the name of the Trinity as we know it. What was missing or deficient is made right in the fullness of Orthodox Chrismation. Seems to me that thinking otherwise is more of a Protestant manner of thinking rather than Orthodox sense for mystery and its fullness. I mean... after all, I'd not think we do more than put our own salvations more in jeopardy if we let ourselves begin to think we're "better" christains than someone else... right? I mean... after all... that one upmanship still IS the Anglican disease is it not? and very much at odds with Orthodox sensibility.