Friday, September 06, 2019

Republicans move to nix primaries in show of support for Trump

The GOP has become a political cult.



August said...

Come on, this makes a lot of sense. They haven't allowed real dissent- remember how they killed off the Ron Paul movement, and there were a lot of people going in there and following the rules to build that movement and become delegates. But there's nobody like that now. Trump is it. The 'challengers' are all old political hacks America voted to get rid of in the first place. It was a dead party with that old elite running it. I hope they are all gone by the time Trump finishes his political career. Then maybe GOP will be worth something.

vcopa said...

Is this not what the Democrats tried to do in 2016? How did that turn out for them? It appears the contest to outstupid the other party is a dead heat.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I never understood the point of party primaries or why they are so inter-linked with the States' electoral machineries. But the Republicans hilariously and unironically went all in on these charades so registered Republicans nominated Trump over 16 career politicians. Otherwise the GOP leadership would love to nominate Mitt Romney or another Principled Principletarian to go out there and gracefully lose.

What would be the point of a Republican primary other than to give airtime to neoconservatives?