Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Miami's new plan for climate change and rising sea levels

It looks like a lot of crossed fingers and hoping for a best case scenario. I live in south Florida, on the other coast, about 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Given my age, I doubt I will live long enough to see it. But I am more or less resigned that my home and a lot of this end of the state is going to be underwater by the 2050s. Most people are in serious denial about how much of the coastal US is in danger. 

Here's Miami's plan


Stephen said...

How many "moral hazards" have we created by socializing the risk to homeowners who build near oceans? Quite a few, which this lame article only hints at. What is the true cost to insure a home in South Beach from flooding? Is there a free market so that anyone can tell? Dollars to donuts, you'd see much less risk-taking with the homeowners had to pay the full freight of flood insurance, as determined by a free market. But then, that would reduce the need for all those county planners and climate experts, i.e. they would not make money. Can't have that. And that's the real reason things would be screwed up.

John Coolidge said...

If it really was going to flood, all these Climate Crazies who fly private jets to Climate Change Summits, refuse to downgrade their houses to save on utilities, and other hypocritical nonsense, wouldn't buy land right on the coast. Right Obama? Right Gore?