Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Is the Pope giving up on the Anglicans?

The Times of London is reporting that the Vatican is preparing plans to welcome in large numbers of disaffected Anglicans. This would seem to be further evidence that B16 has what I would call a fairly realistic view of the state of the Anglican Communion. Such was summed up in the last paragraph of the article rather succinctly…

Despite the friendly overtures,[to the ABC] the Pope believes the Anglican Church faces a difficult future. Graham Leonard, the former Bishop of London and now a Roman Catholic monsignor, said: “The Pope’s view is that theologically Anglicanism has no guts in it.”

Read the rest of the article here.


Angry Orthodox said...

The Pope’s view is that theologically Anglicanism has no guts in it.”

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

Certainly Anglicanism doesn't possess the theological guts inhering in the puffery of an infallible Pontiff.

Anonymous said...

If Ratzinger thinks that most, or even many, of the Anglican malcontents are Catholic in their thinking, he is going to be disappointed.

They are far more inclined to be the sort of people who think he is the Whore of Babylon.

He is welcome to them.

Anonymous said...

One need not condone the Papal claims to agree with B16's assessment of the Cantuar Communion. Indeed, there just ain't no there, there because the Anglican formularies have become dead letter to them. True Anglicanism, which sincerely aspire to adhere to the formularies and the aspiration of the Anglican Divines to apostolic and patristic Christianity, has real guts and exists only among those not-in-communion-with the Canterbury.