Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Work in Progress

I will be making some changes to Ad Orientem's layout in the next day or so. So if somethings don't work quite right or you see sudden weird changes in appearance please bear with me. Comments suggestions and criticisms are welcome. Also feel free to report bad links or other broken features.



Anonymous said...

Please, please - not white text on black background. It's about the most unreadable color scheme there is - barring perhaps white on white and black on black.

Mack Ramer said...

I disagree, actually, I like the new color scheme and layout!

Anonymous said...

Whatever individual opinions may be, I think that if you look around the web for professionally designed sites that depend on having lots of readers for their survival - New York Times, CNN, Yahoo, Google, you name it - you will find that 100% of them use dark text on light background for their main "body" copy. I'm sure it's not because they never thought of doing the reverse.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I tried white on black late last night and immediately dismissed it for exactly the reasons you noted. The contrast was too harsh. What I came up with is light gray lettering on a dark grey background. My eyes are fairly sensitive and I have not found this to be a strain. Yes, I agree that conventional websites stick to the traditional black on white. However several studies have shown that this is not especially eye friendly either. I think most of the sites you mentioned continue to use this format because of social convention and they don’t want to shock people. Mass medial sites tend to be pretty conservative in their layouts. If I receive a significant number of complaints about the color scheme I will consider making changes. I am not finished with the modifications to the site quite yet. Thanks for your input.

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