Monday, November 19, 2012

Church of England Warned To Approve Women Bishops

The Church of England will face a battle in Parliament and the prospect of legal challenges if it fails to approve women bishops on Tuesday, MPs said on Monday.

Special legal privileges and even its position as the established Church could be called into question if the General Synod rejected the plan, they warned.

The Synod will vote on whether to admit women to the episcopacy at a special sitting in London. Despite strong support throughout the Church for the move, the outcome was described as on a “knife-edge” because of the need to secure two thirds support in all three of its branches: bishops, clergy and laity.
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Everything you need to know when answering the question, why aren't you an Anglican, is in this story.


Michael said...

Unfortunately, the Church of England doesn't have a leg to stand on. The church itself is the product of a politically-motivated schism. It could never decide if it was Catholic or Protestant, and it does not have any set of fixed dogmas. Since it does not have Apostolic doctrine, it is not the Church in any meaningful sense.

Since the Church of England is a creature of the State, and not the Body of Christ, the State can interfere with its doctrine any way it wants.

mjl said...

Whether anyone agrees that the Anglicans should approve of women bishops, this is a scary proposition for any religion. Relying on the state always turns out to be the greatest mistake that a Church can make.

Nikolaus said...

Interestingly, the story is told on one of the Anglican blogs that a supporter of "female bishops" changed their mind when they saw what was happening to their American cousin, which is run almost entirely by women.