Monday, November 12, 2012

Red America faces post election blues

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. — She arrived early to take apart the campaign office piece by piece, just as she felt so many other things about her life were being dismantled. Beth Cox wore a Mitt Romney T-shirt, a cross around her neck and fresh eyeliner, even though she had been crying on and off and knew her makeup was likely to run. A day after the election, she tuned the radio to Glenn Beck and began pulling posters and American flags off the wall.

Her calendar read “Victory Day!!” and she had planned to celebrate in the office by hosting a dance party and selling Romney souvenirs. But instead she was packing those souvenirs into boxes, which would be donated to a charity that sent clothes to South America. Instead a moving company was en route to close down the office in the next 48 hours, and her friends were calling every few minutes to see how she was doing.
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1389 said...

It's all about ELECTION FRAUD.

Shame on the GOP for not fighting back.

That said, Romney made some very anti-Russia statements. My husband suggests that, just maybe, God doesn't want to allow another person in the White House who hates Orthodox Christian Russia.

Jason said...

I would challenge the above assertion with our country's involvement in Syria at this time, and previously Egypt, as incursions with dire consequences for each country's Orthodox population. We also continue to be tied closely to the not-so-Orthodox-friendly government of Turkey. Remember, there's still a Clinton involved; and passive aggressive is still aggressive.