Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beware fake seafood

When you sit down for a meal at your favorite sushi restaurant, the bite at the end of those chopsticks probably isn’t what you think it is. A new report sheds light on this dirty secret of the food industry: Cheap fish is widely passed off as more expensive varieties, at customers’ expense.

One third of the 1,215 samples collected from grocery stores and restaurants by advocacy group Oceana were actually a different kind of fish than what the seller purported. The group found instances of fake fish across the country, and at all kinds of establishments. Nearly half of the 674 retailers Oceana visited sold mislabeled fish.
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Not a big seafood guy, but this was disturbing.


Dn Paul said...

Probably seahorses.
(cf current European food debacle)

off2 said...

What worries me more than species mis-identification is radio activity from pacific seafood. None of the markets at which I buy fish tests for by products of Fukushima, nor do their suppliers. :>(

Bill, tGf