Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Reform of the Orthodox Calendar

An interesting video on the topic can be found here.

For the record the adoption of the Roman Catholic calendar was not heretical. It was however done in a manner (as the video points out) that was grossly uncanonical and deeply injurious to the unity of the Church.


Nathaniel said...

I didn't know hastily strewn, conspiracy theory meta-narrative on top of jumbled-together facts (only sometimes related) relying heavily on anachronism prefixed with condescension over people's actual hardships was your thing. And yes, I did watch the whole thing; painfully. I actually think Old Calendarists have a point, but the more I hear them talk, the less I respect their position.

Jay K said...

I thought this was an interesting talk. I had never heard the "repeatability" argument put forth so thoroughly.