Thursday, June 06, 2013

Greeks Furious Over IMF Apology

(Reuters) - Greeks reacted with an air of vindication and outrage at the International Monetary Fund's admission it erred in its handling of the country's bailout, berating an apology that comes too late to salvage an economy and countless lives in ruins.

Anger was palpable on the streets of Athens, where the EU-IMF austerity recipe that the Washington-based fund says it sharply misjudged has left rows of shuttered stores and many scrounging for scraps of food in trash cans.

"Really? Thanks for letting us know but we can't forgive you," said Apostolos Trikalinos, a 59-year old garbage collector and a father of two.

"Let's not fool ourselves. They'll never give us anything back. I'm sorry for all the people who killed themselves because of austerity. How are we going to bring them back? How?"
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

We do hear rumors of economy-related suicides here in Greece every day. And yes, the country is a wreck, ruined. I personally believe that was the intent, but what do I know? The country has been looted, pure and simple. In Europe as elsewhere, we have witnessed the biggest transfer of wealth in the country.

And if the US government wants to waste its time and my money monitoring my comments (or my blog), well, that isn't going to shut me up.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I meant, biggest in history.