Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Two Intervenionists Move Up in the White House

WASHINGTON — In naming Susan E. Rice and Samantha Power to key national security posts, President Obama has turned to two prominent advocates of liberal interventionism, a foreign-policy credo that calls for the United States to act aggressively to defend human rights – by military means, if necessary. 

Both are veterans of his 2008 campaign and have strong personal relationships with Mr. Obama. But they will be working for a president who has consistently resisted intervening in the most dire human-rights calamity of the day, the civil war in Syria. Given Mr. Obama’s fixed views, it is not clear whether even Ms. Rice and Ms. Power could prod him into action. 
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lannes said...

Evidently it is "clear" to Professor Bass that in Bosnia during the Clinton presidency the
"good side" for the US to "get behind" was the Muslim side --
against Christian Serbs! An infamous choice.otspale

Jason said...

More advocacy of wasting life and wasting economic capital - what else is new?