Thursday, June 06, 2013

Prince Phillip Admitted to Hopsital Again

The Duke of Edinburgh is expected to spend up to a fortnight in hospital after undergoing an abdominal operation on Friday in a development that has prompted fresh concerns for his health.

The Duke, who will turn 92 on Monday, attended the London Clinic by previous appointment for an exploratory operation to be carried out under general anaesthetic [sic].
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Dn Paul said...

Having spent this evening visiting two very elderly people who are coming to the end of their earthly sojourn, I can only pray: Lord have mercy!

It is highly unlikely that I will be subjected to dying in full glare of the media - a state of affairs for which I am deeply grateful.

lannes said...

Still can wear the same naval uniform he wore sixty years ago?
Either the uniform has had some
tailor work done on it, or he is
shrivelling up.