Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Memo to the G8: You are heads of state, not bachelors at a stag party

Mention the lack of ties at the #G8 on Twitter and you get a torrent of replies from those who think it's all gone a bit too far (and the odd slacker moaning about the patriarchy's insidious phallic symbol). Turns out George Osborne explained the "smart casual" dress code earlier (I missed it) after being asked about Dave's rolled-up sleeves/lumberjack look. He told the BBC: "Basically I am doing what I was asked to do, which is turn up in smart-casual wear. I have followed to the letter: I got out my jacket and my blue shirt." His statement troubles me. For a start, who set the dress code? The Foreign Office? And why should he follow it? He's the Chancellor: nothing about him should be casual.

G8 summits are notorious for their sartorial excesses: matching floral shirts, ponchos, stetsons, it has become a commonplace for the host country to rope the visitors into trying on some sort of local dress. Yet what happens when the world's most powerful men (sic) gather in the UK? We make them dress like bachelors emerging into the bleary dawn after a vigorous stag party. We might as well ask them to wear jeans. What's wrong with a bit of understated English tailoring, as a way of plugging one of our more successful exports? In fact, it's London Fashion Week. There's all kind of natty pastel numbers available, rather than the blue blazers. But for my money, they should tie one on to show they take the taxpayer – and their responsibilities – seriously. (emphasis mine A/O)
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Can I have an "Amen!" please?

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I get so tired of the slob look at what should be dignified events.