Saturday, November 01, 2014

St. Nicholas at Ground Zero

A short video showing the plans for the reconstructed St.Nicholas that was flattened on 9-11. They seem to have taken their inspiration from the new Roman Catholic cathedral in LA. Too big. Too modern. Way too sterile. This was a place where simplicity with traditional Orthodox iconography and interior design would have been far better. Color me unimpressed.

HT: Fr.Z

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Stephen said...

Agreed. Anybody who appreciated this church before its destruction would be aghast at this. The old church was quaint, old, dark, decrepit, a converted row-home, full of years of devotions from the faithful, incense stained walls, a building built before electricity probably, and lots of protections against the evil eye.

This new design strikes me as third-generation societal wannabes trying to distance themselves from their great-grandparents. Don't they understand that you only gain respect by not trying to be like everyone else in America?