Wednesday, November 12, 2014

U.S. Sailors Assaulted by Turkish Nationalists in Istanbul

ISTANBUL — Members of a Turkish nationalist youth group assaulted three visiting American sailors in Istanbul on Wednesday, hurling balloons filled with red paint at them, putting white sacks over their heads and calling them murderers.

A video posted online by the group, the Turkish Youth Union, or T.G.B., shows a dozen of its members staging an anti-American protest in the touristy Eminonu district and attacking the sailors, who were not in uniform, in broad daylight.

The sailors had just disembarked from the guided missile destroyer Ross, docked in Istanbul for a few days. They escaped and returned to the ship, and all shore leave for the crew was canceled.

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lannes said...

The USS Ross should send a few of their missiles right into that defiled city.

Prior Martin said...

Islam is what it is, a vile murderous cult. The only thing these savages understand is brute force. They must be resisted at all levels of our society. A 21st century crusade would perhaps solve the problem.

Visibilium said...

We may wish to clarify whether Turkey's importance as a US ally compensates for its role in Constantinople's conquest.