Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Bill Cosby

I don’t pay much attention to celebrities and their often bizarre lifestyles and politics (this criticism coming from an avowed monarchist, so take it for what its worth). But Bill Cosby was an exception. I really liked the guy, enjoyed his humor and respected him for having the courage to stand up to the PC crowd and say some uncomfortable truths.

That said the evidence that he is a serial rapist, liar and all around creep has reached the point where I don't think rational people can pretend it is anything but damning. Rarely have I been more disappointed in someone I had hitherto held in high regard. I really feel let down in ways I would have thought unimaginable when talking about an entertainment personality.

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Fr Nathan Thompson said...

I had a Father Confessor that everyone respected greatly. Ends up he was molesting kids from the parish for a long time. He had been in law enforcement and knew how to cover it up. It finally caught up to him when they grew up. Thank God, my Bishop heard about it and immediately called 911. I can relate to the Bill Cosby thing though. My father was a HUGE fan (they videotaped the Cosby show every single week) and I think he would have been very disappointed had he lived to see this.