Saturday, July 25, 2015

Illinois Moves to Slash Welfare for the Dead

As anyone paying any attention at all will be aware, Illinois is a fiscal train wreck, plagued by years of one party government (guess which one), coupled with rampant cronyism and corruption. The legislature has been the object of excoriating criticism for its stubborn refusal to face budgetary reality and take urgently needed steps to rein in the state's dangerously high level of debt.

But no more.

Acting under the strong encouragement of Illinois' new Republican governor, the legislature has passed a bill that effectively strips all welfare benefits... from the deceased. Now the state's Department of Social Services will be required to cross check every month the entire roster of those receiving state aid against death certificates on file with the Department of Health, with the requirement that those who have joined the Great Majority are to be cut off. Yes, even their food stamps.

I am reliably informed that there was also active discussion of disenfranchising deceased voters. However this was dropped following a threat by the ACLU to file a civil rights suit if any attempt was made to deprive the dead of their constitutional right to vote for the Democratic candidate in general elections.

One step at a time...

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