Friday, July 17, 2015

The Donald

Donald Trump is a political chameleon and always has been. He will say whatever he thinks will score him points with whoever he is trying to get something from at the given moment, whether it’s the Clintons or conservative voters. The man is playing conservatives for a bunch of suckers, and so far he is succeeding. I honestly have no idea what his real political convictions are because he keeps changing them. Do I like what he is saying on immigration these days? Yes and no.

But do I trust him? Not for a New York minute.


lannes said...

You can be sure Trump will get zero votes in San Francisco, a place that exemplifies so many of the things that are wrong with this country.

Clear Waters said...

"Democracy makes it impossible for the statesman to do his duty. A statesman of the greatest goodwill becomes, in a democracy, the slave of his supporters; he either satisfies their personal appetites or they destroy his backing. The statesman lives under the tyranny and permanent threat of the electoral agent."

- Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

Patrick Sheridan said...

The most sinister thing about Trump is his hair. One of my father's mantras is "Never trust a man with a bad comb-over," and he's never been wrong.