Sunday, July 10, 2016

Church of England Synod Faces Conservative Boycott Over Gay Marriage Talks

The Church of England's governing body may face a conservative rebellion over its discussions on gay marriage.

Despite pleas from senior bishops, a number of conservative Anglicans are considering boycotting the Church's private conversations over sexuality, designed to prevent a fracture over gay marriage. A deep fissure exists within the Church over whether or not to accomodate gay relationships in some way.

A memo sent round to some members of the Church's governing synod listed "reasons not to participate" in conversations, which aim to reconcile opposing factions. The note, seen by Christian Today, offers a damning assessment of the secret talks, known as "shared conversations".

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lannes said...

Secret talks. The English have always liked star chambers.

bob said...

Conservative Anglicans boycotting ---both of them?

Anonymous said...

LOL, too late. No such thing as a Conservative Anglican anymore. It is no longer a church, it is only a Government institution. Those poor poor cucks, still think they are fighting the good fight! They are the very reason for the loss!