Friday, November 22, 2019

Good news... and bad.

Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem has issued an open invitation to the primates of the Orthodox Church to meet in Jordan in an effort to resolve the Ukrainian crisis and preserve the Eucharistic Communion within the Church.



His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael forcefully instructed his priests that they were no longer permitted to announce the parameters for receiving Holy Communion prior to its distribution at any time, even on festal celebrations such as Pascha and Nativity, when there are multitude of unknown persons in the Church.


This is alarming and completely contrary to the historic discipline of the Church. Frankly, it smacks of the kind of open communion practiced by liberal Protestants (sadly gaining traction in the Roman Church as well). For a variety of reasons I made the decision a while ago, that barring an emergency I will refrain from communing in the parishes of the Greek Archdiocese. This has not moved me to reconsider that decision.


The Orthodox Tentmaker said...

I tried to post about this over at Byztex, but it got gobbled up by the internet black hole goblin.

If the Orthodox Church could convene a Great Council and address both the ongoing Schism and the Open Communion debate, it would be very good.

The Anglican Continuum practices a “Limited” Open Communion for Duly Baptized Christians in “Apostolic Succession” churches who are Confirmed / Chrismated.

Further Stipulations are recent Auricular Confession to a Priest, and someone in “Love and Charity with their neighbors.

Until such a thing could be addressed / decided IN COUNCIL, no lone Bishop should just wily nily declare such a thing on his own.

I’ve never liked or enjoyed “close” or Closed Communion, myself.

This practice is a result from a fallen world. In an unfallen world, a true Christian would be able to commune in any real Christian local church.

But of course, we don’t live in that world right now.




Chris said...

Remember how Met. Nathanael was forced on the people of the Metropolis of Chicago despite their being a far better candidate? the EP Holy Synod, for whatever reason (I think I know what it is but I'm not going to go there) decided to throw out the election of Met. Sevastianos of Zela as invalid which forced a new nomination process and then the election of Nathanael. Well, you reap what you sow. This should invite immediate correction from HIs Emience Archibshop Elpidophoros.