Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Weird Story from the Russian Church

This reads a bit like a hit piece and it must be born in mind that only one version of events is being presented. But clearly something with scandalous tones went down in the Russian Orthodox Church. Setting aside the more salacious aspects of the story, the ROC appointed someone as a bishop who should not have been. 

In general married priests who end up divorced are not allowed to remain in active ministry. That said, I have heard of instances where bishops have exercised oikonomia and allowed it, especially if it was clear that the priest was entirely innocent. But I have never until now heard of a divorced priest being raised to the episcopacy. 



Samuel J. Howard said...

The most famous divorced priest to be raised to the episcopate was, of course, Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow. He was married in Bright Week 1950, ordained a deacon four days later, and a priest two days after that. The marriage lasted about a year. He was tonsured a monk in March 1961 and elevated to the episcopacy later that year. His former wife was still alive when he was elected patriarch. See:

unreconstructed rebel said...

My understanding of Scripture is that divorce, while not to be celebrated, is allowed if for no other reason that we don't kill each other. What is not allowed is remarriage while your previous spouse lives.

If this dude was a monk which I understand to be celibate, what is the issue?

Stephen said...

Except if your name is Joseph Allen and you bishop was Met Phillip in the name USA