Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Bishop's election is vetoed

For the first time in living memory the Episcopal Church has (sort of) rejected a candidate elected by his diocese for bishop. Although Fr. Mark Lawrence, an outspoken conservative, received the necessary number of consents to serve as the next Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina the Presiding Bishop (PB) Katharine Jefferts Schori has declared the election null and void. Her reasons for doing so are that some of the consents were not communicated in a manner that exactly corresponds with her reading of the church canons. You may read the rest here and go to T19 for what I am sure will be an exhaustive discussion of this insanity. Fr Lawrence has been all but burned in effigy by the left wing nuts now running the show in TEC. Once again, I am compelled to ask, why anyone who calls themselves Christian would remain in such an obviously heretical (if not apostate) organization? I particularly invite Episcopalians to answer this question. At what point do you say "enough."

Quick Update: Most blogs in the classical-anglican ring are down right now. My guess is that the events noted above are causing a minor tidal wave on the various Anglican blogs.


Archpriest David Thatcher said...

Hi, John! How sad for our conservative Anglican friends. I too do not know what it takes -- just what is the "threshold" -- for Episcopalians to actually recognize that their tradition has inherent problems and turn to authentic Orthodox catholicity.

I do want to mention that you have a type here in your headline: 'biship' for bishop.

In Christ,
Father David

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Father Bless

Fr. David,
Thank you for your comment and pointing out the typo. It's a very sad situation for all concerned.


Ochlophobist said...

I don't generally consider typos to be that sad.