Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tridentine News (not rumorr)

Cardinal +Bertone has confirmed in an interview the existence of the Motu Proprio that is expected to broaden access to the classical liturgical rite for Roman Catholics. Both Rorate Caeli and NLM have posted on this and have comments. It is worth reminding the reader that the news element here is not that the MP exists. This was already known from multiple sources. Rather it is who is now speaking about it.. Card +Bertone is the Vatican's Secretary of State. The tone of his comments suggest that he is preparing the Roman Catholic world for the MP's arrival. And it should be born in mind (again) that the details of the MP remain conjecture with the date of publication being simply unknown.

Finally for those interested in a glimpse of something that will almost certainly never be seen again in the Latin Church there is the more or less complete video of the coronation of Pope +John XXIII now online. It can be
viewed here. Hat tip to NLM

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