Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's coming...

Yes, after a long boring winter baseball season is almost upon us. On which note some interesting thoughts from our friends over at Sports Illustrated on why almost anyone (but probably not the Yankees) has a shot at the title this year. I will note for the record that I think the idea of a Freeway (LA) series, given the anemic performance of the NL West is about as likely as George Steinbrenner handing out World Series rings to the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park while dancing in a pink tutu.

Here is a message for George Steinbrenner, Derek Jeter, Brian Cashman and everyone else who has bought in to the Yankees culture that the season is a failure if New York does not win the World Series: The '90s are so over. The baseball world has changed so much from when the Yankees won four titles in five years that the Yankees' world-championship-or-bust mentality has become awkwardly outdated.

Don't get me wrong. The aspiration to win it all should always remain paramount. But the Yankees continue to set themselves up for joyless seasons and their own definition of failure by thinking they should win the World Series every year. Last season they lost two-thirds of their starting outfield and they still won more games than any team in the league and blew the doors off the rest of their division -- and went home horribly unhappy, ready to fire the manager, run a Hall of Fame pitcher out of town and heap more abuse on an all-time great third baseman. Their fans have zero interest in Division Championship hats.

This just in: The Yankees probably won't win this year, either, even if they do have the best team on paper heading into Opening Day. The World Series? It'll be all SoCal -- the Angels over the Dodgers. Why? Because the best team doesn't win any more; teams with young legs do. These are five reasons why the game has changed to the point that the Yankees' philosophy is obsolete.

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123 said...

NYers are simply high-achievers with a lot of talent - one gets used to that. I will grant that life is much easier when you expect much less of yourself and are surprised by one's accidental excellence... :)

Wow, I've been in NY for a long time. We ain't in Minnesota no more...

Wordsmyth said...

The Tigers will roar.