Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Theophany in Russia

If this were in America, I wonder how long it would take before Child Protective Services showed up to seize the kid and arrest the parents.


Anonymous said...

Fairly quickly since this is definite child endangerment and abuse, ( danger of shock, pneumonia, bronchitis etc).

You really should think more about this issue.

My wife was in CPS for thirty years. The stories she told me would make you, if you are a normal person, cringe.

I showed her this picture. She stated, yes, she would be removing the child from such a situation.

And yes, my wife is Orthodox.

Anonymous said...

CPA issues are real and no joke - people have no idea what kind of demented things happen to children. Having said that, this photo is from another culture and in the risk there is less than a lot of what goes on in "normal" activities in the US - for example I think this is much netter than taking a child on an atv ride, which I have observed routinely.

Anna said...

I'm Greek and generally it's not the little kids that go after the cross in the frigid waters, it's teenaged/young adult males. Look at that poor kid's expression.