Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DC Paralyzed By Winter Storm (3") - Boston Sneers

Another piddling snowfall. Another huge shutdown. Another round of merciless mocking.

This is Washington’s winter weather cycle, as predictable as partisanship and twice as bruising.

The Monday night storm, a powderball that delivered two to six inches of snow to the area, shuttered schools, stuttered Metro, halted bus service and brought the federal government to its knees.

Then the eye-rolling began. Nowhere more so than among those with Boston ties.

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Most of the beltway got around 3" of snow. When I was growing up in the Northeast normally that would not even rate a mention on the local news. The weather report would read "flurries or light snow." My first year of Grad School in Albany we got 111" of snow with no intervening melt off. I couldn't tell where I was a lot of times when driving because the snow banks were so high you could not see the houses on the other side and the street signs were all buried. I would have to pull over and climb a snow bank to get my bearings.

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James the Thickheaded said...

Lived in the DC area my whole life, and let's face the fact that in the NE... they expect to pay for snow removal. Maryland and DC claim to be a "warmer climates" and more or less reallocate any snow removal funds" to its pols' slush funds... if you know what I mean. Keeping folks off the streets is just common sense under the circumstances. Laugh if you will... but the resources, know how, etc... just aren't there. Boston has the right idea: Privatize street clearing, and every neighborhood clears its own streets VERY QUICKLY! But then again, Boston goes all wet with it's panic over heat when the temps broach 80 degree.