Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Pope Francis to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of First Papal Mass in the Vernacular

Color me unimpressed. But in the end, Latin vs Vernacular is less important than the liturgy itself. We Orthodox are all over the map when it comes to liturgical languages. But I think it is pretty hard to argue that the Pauline Missal, concocted by a liturgical committee composed of some pretty dubious individuals, is anything other than grossly inferior to that which it was supposed to replace. As Msgr Pope noted in his excellent piece, linked in an earlier post; when you concede to one man the authority to arbitrarily tinker with, or radically alter the liturgy, you are treading on dangerously thin ice.

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August said...

I have been appalled for quite sometime and I grew up in the mess.
Initially I thought going back to Latin would solve things, but now I understand what that would do is merely reinforce the division between those intelligent enough to do things like pick up Church Latin in one's spare time, and the less intelligent folks for whom that is impossible.