Saturday, February 28, 2015

Russian Orthodox Church on the Discipline for Receiving Holy Communion

On February 3 2015 (NS) the Holy Synod approved the below linked document which lays out the current discipline for the reception of the Holy Mysteries of the Altar by the lay faithful. The executive summary is that it cautiously encourages the faithful to commune more frequently than the old custom of once or twice a year, while reiterating the necessity of approaching the chalice with great reverence. This means observing the pre-communion fasts, recent confession and prayerful participation in the services of the church. Details of which may be found in the document

To many the discipline described in the document may seem somewhat strict and it may not fully reflect the practice in their own parish, diocese or jurisdiction. Your mileage will vary. The final authority on participation in the Holy Sacraments is your spiritual father (confessor) under the authority of your bishop.

The document may be read here.
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maximus said...

Thank you for posting this.

Unknown said...

Sometimes it seems we think of the Church's requirements for receiving communion and, by extension, actually receiving the Gifts, are as burdensome as our obligation to pay our taxes or, in my day, fulfilling one's military obligation! Everybody's looking for exemptions. If we see the preparation for Holy Communion as too difficult then we don't see the Divine Gifts for what they are. If we did, we'd see that the preparation was worth the effort. Perhaps She should pray for a God-inspired "campaign" whereby we all would be inspired (or re-inspired) to see the Gifts for what they are.