Thursday, February 12, 2015

OK; who didn't see this one coming?

Minister of education of Greece: “We are launching the process of separation of Church and state”

Memo to the Greek people... Elections have consequences.


gabriel said...

Why the heck aren't the Independent Greeks (Syriza's coalition partners and pretty right-wing) not preventing this nonsense? Cast the atheists out!

rabidgandhi said...

Best news ever for the Church.

With precious few exceptions, throughout history the state (be it Byzantine emperors, various Tsars, Greek dictators or what have you) has overwhelmingly been a source for secularising the clergy, twisting the Church's message to fit its own designs, and besmirching the name of Christ.

Having the state out of the Church's affairs can only be a net positive.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

The State recognizes an official Church because there is only one true Church. Just like the State only grants legal recognition to heterosexual marriages ... oh, bad example.

Church hierarchies don't need State interference to engage in corrupt behaviors; I don't think State recognition per se is a causal factor.

rabidgandhi said...

I agree with your comment AG, but I would add that it is not merely recognition.

In the case of Greece now (and other states in the past) the government determines and pays clergy salaries, repeatedly interferes with administration, and controls Church assets. And further in the past, one is hard pressed to find a heresy that was not fostered and enforced by the "Orthodox state" (eg 100 yrs of iconoclasm enforced by Byzantine emperors).

If the state wants to recognise the true Church I congratulate them, but like you say, our hierarchy has corruption enough without added help from the state.