Thursday, August 13, 2009

Whatever happened after...

A few updates on some old posts.

Last Saturday I posted about the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. I noted that it was widely expected they were going to take some sort of dramatic step to insulate themselves from the lunacy in TEC. I also opined that they would not fully secede. It appears I was largely correct. Their bishop today delivered a speech to his clergy that outlined plans to withdraw from most of the governing bodies in TEC. I was wrong however in my prediction that he would limit communion with some of the other dioceses in TEC.

You can read his speech here. It is actually pretty good.

Was it time to grow up? Apparently not. The "cease fire" between Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly I posted on here lasted about as long as the ones between Israel and Hammas. The Washington Post has the story. Since this story ran the long knives have come out on both sides. It's ugly.

Finally back in June of 2007 I wrote a piece on the period (1960's) dramatic series "Mad Men" that was getting ready to debut on AMC. In that post I made particular note of the efforts of the producers to be as period correct as possible including everything from clothing styles to the heavy drinking and smoking that was so common back then. The New York Times recently ran a story about just how serious they are in their obsession for historical accuracy. Neurotic might be slightly overstating it, but only slightly. This occassional viewer who tends to be harshly critical of the lack of accuracy in period films and TV shows is pretty impressed. If they could just tone down the sleazy side plots (not everyone in the 60's was sleeping around) I would be able to be a bit more enthusiastic about it. Still I give the show an A-.

You can read my original post from 2007 here.

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