Monday, December 27, 2010

Al-Qaida threat on Iraq Christians linked to Egypt

CAIRO (AP) — The wives of two Egyptian Coptic priests, forbidden by the Church from divorcing their abusive husbands, desperately sought another way out by converting to Islam. When their intentions were discovered, police handed them over to the Church and their whereabouts since have been unknown.

The cases caused a furor at home that spilled over the borders and turned deadly when al-Qaida in Iraq cited the women as the reason behind the bloodiest attack ever on Christians in Iraq — a five-hour siege of a church in October that left 68 people dead.

It was a stark example of the schism between Christians and Muslims that runs through the Middle East and periodically erupts into violence.
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Unknown said...

Not to detract from the point of the article, but I'm a bit tired of seeing the phrase "Egyptian Coptic." A bit repetitiously repetitive isn't it (not to mention reflective of the article's author's ignorant ignorance)?