Saturday, March 17, 2012

Adding to the Synodikon of Orthodoxy

Mystagogy has an excellent post up addressing the practice (common among old calendarists and the ultra-Orthodox) of editing, and specifically adding anathemas to the Synodikon of Orthodoxy chanted on the first Sunday of Great Lent.  It is well worth a read and for the record I concur with his points.


Anonymous said...

The article you quote relates the attitude of Seraphim of Pireaus that is a bishop of the State Church of Greece, not an old calendarist! But regrading changing the texts what about changing the liturgical texts of the holy week in order to make them politically correct! It is done by world orthodoxy.

Tawser said...

"Non-existent and arch heretic"? I have to confess that as an ex-Catholic, reading that was quite cathartic. Thanks.

Alienated Catholic said...

Perhaps the greater scandal is the fact that most Orthodox hierarchs (except those of ROCOR and a few in the Moscow Patriarchate,m including Archbishop Justinian) have dropped the Synodikon of Orthodoxy altogether.