Thursday, March 15, 2012

California: College students may be asked to declare their sexual orientation

Officials of the University of California system have proposed asking incoming freshmen to identify their sexual orientation, a move that might cement such declarations as an emerging topic in the college admissions process.

ABC News reports that the Academic Senate of the University of California system initiated the proposal to ensure that services are provided for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.
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Steve said...

As a musician, I have quite a few gay friends. It's peculiar how the arts seem to attract them - certainly almost all of those I know are about as far from the stereotypical portrayal of a homosexual as you are likely to get.

Aaanyway, one of my friends was talking about this story at rehearsals last night. I've never seen him so outraged. Neither he nor I would ever presume to speak for "the gay community", but after talking to him about it I came away with the definite impression that the average homosexual in the orchestra would welcome this sort of invasive data-gathering about as much as a hole in the head.

Incidentally, not one of my gay friends, all of whom were very much in favour of civil partnerships (I'm in the UK) is even remotely interested in the idea of "same sex marriage", and several of them - the Christian ones - are vocally opposed.

As is often the case with full-time legislators, it seems as if this is one of those situations where they have found a solution and are now looking for a problem to attach it to.

Lord have mercy!

Igumen Gregory said...

Gee too bad the don't offer a final option: all of the above.