Saturday, March 17, 2012

Memory Eternal: Pope Shenouda III

Egypt's Coptic Pope Shenuda III, [sic] spiritual leader of the Middle East's largest Christian minority, died at the age of 88, state television and cathedral sources said.

The cause of death was not immediately clear, but the Christian leader has suffered health problems for years.

State television reported he was 89, but the pope was born in August 1923, which would make him 88 at the time of death.
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Anonymous said...

memory eternal

Anonymous said...

Memory eternal. Now is certainly not a good time for the Copts to lose their spiritual leader. May they appoint a good replacement quickly.

Anonymous said...

Memory Eternal!

Anonymous said...

Pope Shenuda III you were ageat leader , agreat Christian Poet,great Interpreter of the Bible you were kind for kids and adults. dad for chistian. you are our spiritual guide. i and all eyptian love you too too much. Intercede in us when Christ
Teacher generations