Saturday, March 31, 2012


To my friend Lori who won $7.00 on a $5.00 Mega Millions ticket.  She hasn't decided if she is taking the lump sum or the annuity.  I'd go with the lump sum.  The Mayans were pretty sure the world is going to end this year.  More good news, she won't have to declare that on her state income tax since California doesn't tax lottery winnings.

On a side note someone right here in Modesto (not me) actually got 5 of the numbers right and will collect a little over $250.000.00 before Federal taxes.  Another second prize ticket was sold just up the road in Manteca.  No jealousy of course.  None at all.

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Steve Robinson said...

LOL! Of course God should let ME win because I'D use the money righteously... Maybe our winnings are based on our true spiritual states. Ouch.