Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Super Tuesday polls start closing

Early results...
Gingrich takes Georgia (no surprise)... Romney leads in Virginia and Vermont.

Update I (1628 PST): Romney takes the phony election in Virginia. Vermont still too close to call.

Update II (1642 PST): Romney will take Vermont. Ohio too close to call. While Virginia has been called for Romney, it should be noted that Ron Paul is taking around 44% of the vote. That's a very bad sign for Romney.

Update III (1704 PST): Romney wins Massachusetts and Santorum is leading in Oklahoma. Ohio remains too close to call.

Update IV (1733 PST): Santorum takes Tennessee continues to lead in Oklahoma. Ohio still too close to call. Ron Paul posts strong 2nd place showings in Virginia and Vermont hoping to take Alaska.

Update V (1805 PST): Santorum takes Oklahoma.  Ohio still too close to call

Update VI (1858 PST): I am not sure why the MSM is so slow calling North Dakota.  With roughly 70% of the vote in Santorum is winning by 10 points with 38% of the vote.  I guess I will scoop the AP and MSNBC... Ad Orientem is calling North Dakota for Rick Santorum.

Update VII (2005 PST): It looks increasingly likely that Romney will pick up two more states shortly.  Idaho is going for Romney by  a landslide.  No real surprise with its large Mormon population. And Romney also holds about a 20 pt lead in Wyoming with roughly 60% of the vote in.  That strikes me as an insurmountable lead.  Alaska has not closed their polls yet and Ohio remains a nail biter.

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