Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Gay Marriage Acceptance by Finnish Lutheran Archbishop Prompts Mass Resignations

I am not sure about the term "mass resignations," but some 8,000 people did resign from the state church over the weekend. At least that's something.

Read the story here.


Young fogey emeritus said...

I've never been to Finland or Norden (commonly called Scandinavia) for that matter but I understand that while Finns are culturally very Scandinavian (liberal, secular, and cold and reserved), they're not Scandinavian ethnically (non-Germanic language) and have a streak of un-Scandie feistiness (bada** hockey players like the Russians). So maybe it's not that surprising that even though Finns don't go to church, this change goes too far for 8,000 of them.

man with desire said...

All Finns don't agree with archbishop Mäkinen. http://www.kotipetripaavola.com/archbishopspeaksagainstthebible.html