Monday, December 22, 2014

North Korea's Internet Crashes

It's a mostly symbolic gesture. The whole country has fewer IP addresses than any medium sized office building in Manhattan. But it does send a message to others who may have been watching and getting ideas of their own. We know where the "Off Switch" is, and we know how to use it.


August said...

Yes, meanwhile, the disgruntled former employees who hacked Sony must be laughing- especially when media people display their technical ignorance by saying things that clearly indicate it was an inside job and then blame NK in the same breath.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I think the news services are just reporting that the FBI and the various secret intelligence services have identified NK as the perp. If you have actual evidence to the contrary,perhaps you should be talking to the Feds.

August said...

I have no personal knowledge.
Their explanations of what happened do not line up with the little I know about networks, and some of the alternative news helpfully went and looked- and found Sony has made an awful lot of people with the capability disgruntled.
Meanwhile, the federal government keeps trying to get us all on board with their cyber programs. The officials who talk about cyber make little sense either. They never talk, for instance, about email encryption- which would significantly improve most corporation's security without massive gov. involvement. No, instead they talk about a movie. This would not be the first time they talked about a movie for political reasons without addressing the reality on the ground.