Monday, December 15, 2014

Pope Francis praises Pius XII and more alarming quotes from Rome

If I were a Roman Catholic of the serious kind, as opposed to the Episcopalian wannabes, I would be looking for a bunker to hide in until this Pope retires or is called home. Yea yea, I know... he can't teach formal heresy. Setting aside that debatable claim, the man doesn't have to proclaim heresy ex cathedra to do some really major damage. I think there are way too many otherwise sober Catholics who are in denial about how bad this Pope is shaping up to be.

The latest from Rome via Rocco Palmo.


A. T. Wallace said...

The next pope will say, "Remember when Blessed Pope Paul VI freed us from the very heavy cross of the three-hour Eucharistic fast that his predecessor Pius XII imposed on us? Some of you might remember that you couldn't even eat a doughnut at the Bible study class before Mass! It's true! Today, we can have our coffee in our cars as we drive to Mass. Ah, heresy! No! He touches the discipline of the Church."

Stephen said...

Right, but Orthodox prelates are liars for not pointing out Papal inconsistencies going back a wee further.

Abbot Theodore said...

As has been true from the first day of his pontificate, this Bishop of Rome continues to put out an inconsistent mix of messages that seems to indicate an ill-formed approach to the use of the brain. Since when are the pre-Communion fast and remairriage after divorce the same kind of thing?

Besides, can any Roman Catholic prelate whose eyes are open to where the rubber hits the road possibly believe the near-elimination of any meaningful pre-Communion fast has actually benefited the vast number of their faithful through increased understanding and deepened devotion to the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament? NOT!

If the Roman Communion were to move towards something more like the our Orthodox Churches, I would hope it would be through better reasoning than this!