Saturday, March 05, 2016

Dallas has a Saint!

The incorrupt body of Archbishop Dimitri (OCA) exhumed almost five years after his burial. He was not embalmed per-Orthodox burial custom.

See the story from Rod Dreher.


fkulik said...

St Dmitri of Dallus pray for us !

Pete said...

More information has been posted:

DNY said...

I always loved the story about Metropolitan Phillip in his clerical suit greeting Archbishop Dmitri in his cassock and klobuk, "Why Your Eminence, you look like a bishop from the Old Country," to which Archbishop Dmitri replied, "Why, Your Eminence, for some of us, this is the Old Country!"

Maybe this is a sign to prod the upcoming Council to stop regarding Orthodox outside of traditionally Orthodox lands as being "the Diaspora".

St. Dmitri of Dallas, pray for us!